January 29, 2007

Make-up Sex

Our make-up sex is ALWAYS phenomenal. Sometimes fighting is worth it just for the amazing, titilating fuck fest that we have after a good argument.

Me & N have been arguing off and on for almost a week. There has been some tension between us for reasons that I will not get into in any detail right now but on Saturday night, everything came to a peak. After battling it out, we decided to visit the local adult video store (where we got 4 videos) & the liquor store and get something to take the edge off.

I got my usual Hpnotic and he got his usual Buds and a pint of Peppermint Schanpps. After we had consumed it all, the games were ready to begin.

We watched the couples on the screen fuck for a little while before I confessed to him that what we were seeing was making me rather horny. N began to kiss my mouth and inbetween kisses he "asked me how many orgasms I wanted to have. I thought about it for a moment and then told him "four".

"You gonna let me have that ass?" he asked.

Watching the woman on the screen get fucked in her ass, I was getting more and more aroused.

"Mmmm-hmmmm" I dreamily replied to him. With a slight but very confident grin, N nodded his head. I knew that he wouldn't have a problem helping me reach my goal.

We started off missionary style, slowly at first but the pace picked up quickly. N grabbed my calves and spread my legs wide. He dug into my pussy with long, deep strokes. The weight from his body pinning my legs down seemed to push my ass up off the bed slightly, angling my engorged clit toward him. I don't know exactly what was brushing up against it, but the feeling was fabulous. My first orgasm came quickly and left me begging him for more.

N got off the bed and went to the dresser to grab his budweiser. I quckly got on my hands & knees and moved to the edge of the bed, wagging my ass and bouncing it up and down, teasing his growing erection. He told me that he was going to fuck me while he guzzled his last beer. I moved back and lowered myself onto his eager dick. He spread my legs on the bed till it felt like i was doing the splits while kneeling down. I could feel that my fat pussy lips were spread wide. He had a perfect view of my ass and pussy...both of which were impatiently waiting to be penetrated.

From this position on the bed, we could both face the mirror on the wall and watch ourselves in the mirror and watch the tv (still through the mirror). It was the ideal position to be in. I started gyrating my hips and bouncing up and down on N's dick, faster and faster. He was definitely enjoying this, as was I. Seeing my round ass in the mirror move up and down causing him intense pleasure was intoxicating. After a few minutes of this, I told him that I would come soon. VERY soon. My orgasm was almost immediate after I told him this. I could feel my pussy choking his dick. I put my hand down between my legs and felt the wetness on the bed. This turned me on tremendously. I stopped moving and let him fuck me with more long deep strokes. I looked up and saw him guzzling his beer. I told him to put the beer down and grab my ass, spreading my cheeks apart. When his cold hands grabbed my ass, the feeling was awesome. He spread my cheecks so far that it felt like I could rip. The ridge of his head was tormenting my pussy opening...in and out...slow and fast...

"I'm fucking coming again!" I exclaimed. "Oh! Baby...yeah like that...Mmmmmmm. Don't stop! Don't stop!"

I put my hand between my legs and felt my cum spraying out of me. I caught some of it in my hand, but most of it gushed all over the bedspread. With every pussy contraction, more cum squirted out. I was moaning uncontrollably. Watching N in the mirror, the look of intent on his face, the satisfaction of pleasing me in this way. It was very erotic.

Next, I felt him playing with my asshole. "You ready for that?" he asked, knowing DAMN well that I was so hot for him that I couldn't wait. He grabbed the lube and put some on my hole, he continued to drill into my pussy while playing with my asshole. I can't lie...it felt SO good!

You're turning me the fuck on...I confessed to him. Soon, I was begging him to put his dick in my ass.

Obligingly, he put it there. From past experience he knew that the first several strokes need to go very slowly. He proceeded to take his time, but I was so ready, I started bopping my ass on him and he got the hint...I was ready NOW!

In no time he was moving in and out of my ass, and it felt tremendous. Such a different but intoxicatingly pleasurable feeling than being fucked in my pussy. He fucked me with long, deep strokes. I was moaning and telling him how much I liked what he was doing. Suddenly, N told me to focus on what was on the tv screen.

"Here comes your favorite part" he said.

And sure enough, the guy on the screen was jerking off, about to shot and enormous load in the woman's mouth. Her mouth was open wide, waiting for his load. She was licking her lips in anticipation. When he came, he tilted her head back and squirted strings of beautiful cum onto her tongue. I started cumming while I watched her lick her lips and moan with pleasure. N replayed this part of the video, making my orgasm last even longer than I though possible.